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While the passing of my mother was truly one of the hardest times that I have had to endure so far, choosing to have all of the arrangements for the funeral taken care of by Susan Baloga and her family was one of the best decisions that we could have made. She was extremely caring, friendly, thoughtful, and informative. She explained the entire process to us in detail. Susan and her husband John gave us the time that we needed to make our decisions all while being concerned about our family and making sure that we had everything that we needed. They went the extra mile that I am sure would have made my mother happy. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. That small personal touch that they offer is really amazing.

Joseph Jones

Our mom passed away, after a lengthy illness, on Dec. 19, 2013. Her wish was to be cremated then a viewing and church service followed by a brunch.
The time of year, Christmas, with all the parties, church traditions, and so on made it even more difficult than usual. Relatives wanted to come from away but also wanted to be home for the holiday so we decided on a very narrow window in which to make it happen.
Susan took the challenge and handled it like the top professional she is. None of this was easy because almost every hall and catering service had been booked long before this. Susan made many phone calls and kept in touch to get our approval to coordinate priest, church, caterer, hall and everything else to make it work.
The funeral took place without a problem, within the time we planned, and was exactly as my mom had requested.
John put together a beautiful video tribute which I know my mom would have enjoyed.
Susan and John are professional and also helpful and caring. Their personal touch and concern is evident through the whole process and afterward.
Susan helped us with insurance paperwork and any other problems and concerns long after the funeral.

Frank Cebula

These folks were exceptional. We lost our mother, unexpectedly, last September, Susan and John never pressured our family into a huge financial situation. They laid out all our options and let us choose. Because my mother was going to be cremated, her flowers were donated to a local church for their mass. After which, Susan, placed them on ours sister's grave which went above and beyond her duties. Several weeks later she called to find out how we were holding up. She took care of all the paper work and took major stress off our family. John and Susan are true diamonds in this coal town, thank you so much.

The Rocker Family

The Baloga Funeral Home has to be one the most beautiful and spacious facilities of its kind in NEPA. The transformation of a former church to continue serving the communities of the Greater Pittston area was a blessing...indeed. Susan and John Baloga are experienced professionals, who offer families the finest of care, at their most difficult time. I can't recommend Baloga Funeral Home enough, for their guaranteed satifaction and value beyond compare.


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